Branded Pictures Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based production company that acquires and develops branded intellectual properties for film, television and stage. The company was formally established in 2014 by independent film and theatre producer J. Todd Harris working closely with long-time colleague Marc Marcum.

The inspiration for the company is the growing dominance of brands in the increasingly noisy entertainment landscape. In recent years, pre-established brands from all media are at the top of the box office charts both in Hollywood and on Broadway. In addition, the fragmented and content-hungry television and Internet landscape is following suit. At the same time, studios and traditional media outlets have become less inclined to develop projects in-house, making them more receptive to well-developed and packaged properties with built-in awareness.

This is where Branded Pictures Entertainment adds value: discovering under-exploited properties, re-imagining them for today’s audiences and adding commercially compelling actors and directors with compelling marketing approaches.

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